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SNT v0.11 Compete against your friends on our Competitive BattleBoards, Be the best team using a co-pilot. 
We have such fun at Gaming event please see our images from the last event Insomnia 61 NEC Birmingham UK. All ages enjoy Space N Traders.

Space N traders is a cross between an arcade space shooter and trading games giving longevity to an arcade style gameplay.

SNT allows you to add a co-pilot(co-op) player who aids in killing enemy ships with a bonus multiplier to your end round score, The co-pilot is designed for a child to use as they cannot negatively affect your outcome in our mechanic which provides only a positive bond between the 2 gamer's playing alongside with very basic controls that even children with disabilities can control our game with ease.

Core features so far on build v0.11 more might be added by the insomnia event.

  • Blast ships
  • Waves of enemies
  • Trade resources
  • Buy upgrades
  • Battlebaords ( compete vs friends )

Planned features coming soon.

  • New ships (these ship classes are made they were shown in v0.09 for demo purpose.)
  • Customizable ship skins to unlock (these custom skins were also shown in v0.09 for demo purpose.) 
  • Unlock new worlds 
  • Improve the Space Station
  • Defeat bosses
  • Settle a colony and build reward items per turn.

Can you be the best on the battleboard? will you team up with a 2nd player and beat other parent and child teams??????? 
Can you be the best team or solo player??? 
Score well, Trade well, Attack well, Plan well these are the key skills to doing well in SNT.

Get revenge for the fallen Qridart world, destroy the 4 evil empires away who are hostile controlling the 4 neutral planets, Defend them and co-occupy their world while trading with them to advance your abilities. Can you play well enough to clear the evil empire boss ships out of the solar system and secure planets to call them home for your species? 


SNT has a focus on teamwork with our co-pilot system which only reinforces positive response from the main pilot to the co-pilot this has been shown to help gain a bond between both players.

A positive gaming bond is a great bond that can last a life time.

v0.10 Out Early
Screenshots of v1.09 to show the development here v1.09 Extra Screenshots

Thank you for the support.

Keyboard & mouse support. Gamepad ( xbox one & ps4 controllers tested)

Space N Traders is a trading game with a vertical shooter gathering process, inspired by the original Space Invaders game. This could be a Game Changer (pun intended) with the family teamwork focus using our Co-Pilot system with zero negative impact on the main player.

The game revolves around the Qridart family who are trying to find suitable planets to inhabit and bring the remaining population of their destroyed home planet.

They need to secure 4 suitable planets but the 4 Evil Empires that destroyed their home planet are getting closer to doing the same to these native species.

Can you find the strength and skills required to fight off the 4 Evil Empires and save these peaceful Civilisations? Will you be able to help them build defences, in order to battle the 4 Evil Empires, and stop them once and for all? Or will these species suffer the same fate as your home planet and end in destruction?

Play as the Qridart family, build up defences, trade, upgrade, and bring the fight back to the 4 Evil Empires and reap revenge for the Qridart species.

Allow your species to have a peaceful existence side by side with the native peaceful species.

In Space N Traders we have a Unique Co-Pilot System, have a child or friend help you play the game, giving you huge overall benefits and helping children bond with the main player. This is aimed to allow even very young children(age 3) to game and bond without any negative impact on the main players progress.

This is a family friendly game with a bias towards co-op style play that helps bonding while giving the added bonus of higher rewards.

Space N Traders can be played alone.

The game does not contain any episodes of violence, blood and gore, sexual content or strong language. Content is suitable for all ages, including young children.

P.S. No children were harmed in the process of creation or testing of this game.

P.P.S. Please also be aware that spaceships have been physically hurt during game testing.

Digital Gamez: Who Are We?

Digital Gamez is comprised of a group of artists from multiple backgrounds and nationalities. We are proud to be an indie game development team since we are free and able to express our artform as we see most fit.

Why Do We Create Games?

Our aim is to bring something we have not yet seen in the games industry. A few members of the development team are parents and gamers themselves, so they have seen the very small selection of games available on the market for them to enjoy playing with their own children or relatives. Our "ethos" is to deliver games that have no negative impact on neither the parents nor the children who join in to help.

Digital Gamez will stand by gamers if gamers stand by Digital Gamez.

Our controls are simple on this game to make it accessible to people with physical hardship. Example an upper limb disabled child can freely use the mouse on the floor with their feet and toes pressing the buttons to control the Co-Pilot turret.
We stand by this decision to not have a fire on button for a fair belief that all children should be able to play our Co-Pilot system.

Also due to his review, all following version after 1.0.6 Co-Pilot movement will be controlled by mouse buttons and not by the movement of the mouse.

please check out the itch.io app

Demo build is the same as the Full build minus the save/load feature

v0.06 Demo 09/02/2017 massive update over early version.
Modification of the same version but with a huge % less memory use and load time down from 30s to 1-2s.
v0.07 Demo 26/02/2017 Power ups added and other changes.
v0.08 Demo 28/02/2017 Changes to UI and other minor changes.
v0.09 Demo 18/04/2017 Rebuild of GUI and Menu UI, New Art Style, and many other fixes and improvements.
v0.10 Demo 29/06/2017 Another rebuild of GUI due to feedback from i60 gaming festival, Additional co-pilot ship has been added and upgrade feature, multiple powerups can now be selected and many more improvements/bug fixes.
v0.11 Lite 24/08/2017 

v0.12 No public demo. We are aiming to release on steam early access around summer-winter 2018

Development log